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Product Details:
Brand Bio Fish Max
Usage/Application 1 Kg Per Tonn of Feed
Pack Size 25 Kg bag/ 1 Kg Pack
Best For Aquaculture Fish, Prawns, Shrimps
Packaging Type 25 Kg Bag/ 1 Kg pack
Grade Standard Feed Grade
Shelf Life 3 Years
Color White

(A proven Enzyme, Chelated Mineral and Probiotic formulation for Fish)
Fish/Animal feed is predominantly composed of plant material, mainly cereals and vegetable proteins. Many such feed ingredients are not fully digested by livestock. However, by adding enzymes to feed, the digestibility of the components can be enhanced. Enzymes are now a well-proven and successful tool that allows feed producers to extend the range of raw materials used in feed, and also to improve the efficiency of existing formulations. Enzymes are added to the feed either directly or as a premix together with vitamins, minerals and other feed additives.
BIO FISH MAX is a rational combination of enzymes fortified with valuable herbal extractdesigned and developed to enhance fibre digestibility & to optimize utilization of all ssential nutrients from feed to boost up milk yield with improved fat profile. When in combination with enzymes, especially fibre degrading enzymes, the digestibility of the feed improves and the animal is able to absorb he nutrients in the feed, which is the primary source of providing calcium and phosphorus in lactating animals. It is important to note that in milking (Lactating) animals, while they are producing milk, the depletion of calcium is very high and so becomes the loss of phosphorus.
The recommended dose rate of BIO FISH MAX is 750gm to 1 kg per ton of feed.For Excellent Result : 1 kg per 100 Kg of feed.

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