AquaSET Agro PH Balancer Fertilizer

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AquaSET Agro PH Balancer Fertilizer

Product Details:
Usage/Application 1 ml Per Lit for Foliar Application
Pack Size 50 Lit Drum / 100 ml Pack / 250 ml pack
Color Dark Pink
Target crops All types of Spray applications
Dosage 1 ml Per Lit for Foliar Application
Form Liquid

Aquaset is unique liquid nanotechnology based formulation contains organic nano buffering and silicon components.


Buffering Agent 60%, Indicating Agent 2%, Stabilizers 5%, Filler Carrier 33%.


 AQUA SET is specially developed multifunctional spray adjuvant which serve as A) Acidifier B) Auto Ph indicator C) Penetration D) Wetting agent E) Spreader.
 It acidifies water to make more penetration to enhance spray performance.
 It is pH corrector to prevents alkaline hydrolysis.
 it neutralises the hardness and decreases the EC of spray water.
 It resist to change pH by buffering it.
 It is auto pH indicator (Pink Color) which help to adjust pH optimum at 4.5.
 It has Wetting property reduce surface tension.
 It effectively increases spray performance by 33%.
 It is eco-friendly, nontoxic to human, animals, plants.


It can be use along with all Insecticides, fungicides, Foliar fertilizers, defoliators, herbicides and weedicides etc.


Always add Aqua Set to spray water before adding other components of spray mix. Add sufficient amount of AquaSet till colour changes to Pink. Doses between 0.5- 1 ml Per Lit of water.

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