Atonik (SNP)

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Atonik (SNP)

Product Details:
Form Liquid, Powder
Pack Type Bottle & Pouch
Application All Crops
Type Organic

Atonik is widely used as plant growth promoter throughout the world. It is strong

cell agent, infiltrate rapidly into the plant body, offer the activity greatly to cell, to promote cytoplasm circulation, accelerate growth speed, break dormancy, make roots & sprouts tronger, raise the absorption of nutrients so can make them bloom and fruit in advance, enhance immunity of plants, regulate hormones in plant body of auxine, ytokinin, ethylene, G A in the plants which can balance the reproductive & nutrition growth. It has a capacity against adverse circumstances such as drought, flood and coldness also relieve the toxicity. It increases the quality and quantity with most favorable results It widely used in food crops, cash crops, vegetables, fruits, oil crops & flowers.

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