Cure Aquaculture Disinfectant

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Cure Aquaculture Disinfectant

Product Details:
Functions Aquaculture Disinfectant
Usage/Application 750 ml Per Acre With 5-6 Fit. Depth Pond culture
Categories Aquaculture
Color Brown
Form Liquid
Packaging Size 50 Lit Drum/ 500 ml Pack/ 250 ml Pack

CURE is unique liquid, organic, non toxic, antibiotic-free disinfectant formulation based on nano technology . It is an eco-friendly product has many advantages like being toxic and irritating tio live forms, besides leaving stains on the body . Due to its anti-microbial action CURE used for external infection and effectively controls bacterial pathogens like Pseudomonas spps., Vibrio spps., Aeromonas spps., etc., fungal pathogens like Fusarium, Lagenedium, Pythium etc., protozoans like Zoothamnium, Vorticella etc. and viruses like Baculovirus. BENEFITS v CURE used to swollen gills, red gills, tail rot, broken appendages in shrimp/prawn.v CURE controls bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan pathogens.v CURE provides a highly concentrated, stable & bio-available form of essential iodine.vCURE protects the shrimp/prawn from secondary infection in case of wounds caused by external damages.v CURE is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-staining to the shrimp/prawn.vCURE specially made for aquaculture, provides a conducive environment for growth to the shrimp/prawn.


Fish Culture/Shrimp/Prawn ponds: Mix 700 ml- 750 ml Per Acre.

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