Powder Nitrobenzene Emulsifier

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Powder Nitrobenzene Emulsifier

We have launched a new nitrobenzene emulsifier, in powder form, which requires only 0.3 % ( approx.) dose for formulating nitrobenzene 20-24 % milky emulsion, which is consistent, stable and thick formulation having a long shelf life.

The formulated product is easily dispersible in water and is having a shelf life of more than 2 years.

It is a white free-flowing powder having no adverse effect on crops and is nontoxic it is very easy to use, convenient to store & transit and most economical. Only 300 gms. of powder is required for formulating 100 ltr of nitrobenzene formulation as such total cost of the Ltr .formulation is around only rs 2.5/Ltr. 

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