Replox- Herbal Bio Pesticide

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Replox- Herbal Bio Pesticide

Product Details:
Target Insect Control
Categories Feeding Deterrents
Types Biochemical
Pack Size 50 Lit Drum / 100 ml Pack / 250 ml Pack
State Liquid
Color Green

REPLOX is the best result oriented eco friendly residue free natural bioinsecticide & miticide. It is derived from vari ous pl ants havi ng i nsecti ci dal properti es; bei ng natural, it is safe for human & livestock.BENEFITS:REPLOX protects plant by creating the deterring effects on foliar parts due to its pungent odour , bitter taste, so it becomes non- consumable to insects & helps to kill pests by starving them.It also protect crop from spreading viral diseases. After Foliar spray of REPLOX, gives 25-30 days ideal insect protection impact.

DIRECTION OF USEMix 1-1.5 ml product per Ltr . of water for foliar spray.Use product before fruit setting period or before 15 days of harvesting time.

RECOMMENDED FOR:All types of sucking pest as mites, Thrips, White fly , Mealy bug, aphids, jassid and chewing pests.

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